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Exclusive Content

Dr Sankaraiah Interview

Check out the video interview here

Asia Pulp & Paper’s Sankaraiah Sreeramula Takes on Integrating Data into Business Decision-Making

Corinium’s Eleen Meleng had the opportunity to speak to Dr Sankaraiah Sreeramula, the Chief Data Scientist at Asia Pulp & Paper, ahead of CDAO Indonesia.

Topics covered in the conversation include:

  • Significant business decisions made based on data insights at Asia Pulp & Paper
  • Steps to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data
  • The challenges faced in leveraging data for decision-making
  • Strategies for integrating data into the company’s decision-making processes


How Jakarta Smart City Leverages Data to Drive Digitisation

Corinium’s Eleen Meleng had the opportunity to speak to Juan Kanggrawan, Head of Data Analytics, Research, and Digital Products at Jakarta Smart City, ahead of CDAO Indonesia

Enhancing efficiency, optimising resources, improving citizen services and proactive planning are among the many reasons smart city professionals want to implement data-driven solutions. Jakarta Smart City data leader Juan Kanggrawan shared his thoughts on how a local government can leverage data to drive its digital innovation initiatives.

Check out the video interview here

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Check out the video interview here

Westpac’s Pieter Vorster takes on transforming data into a top asset

Driving awareness, engaging the board and inspiring deep-rooted adoption of data and analytics into everyday business practices is the ultimate goal of a CDAO.

Corinium's Vanessa Jalleh had the opportunity to speak to Pieter Vorster, General Manager of Data Platforms at Westpac, ahead of CDAO Sydney. Pieter shared his thoughts on the theme of transforming data into an organisation’s no.1 asset.

Topics that came up in conversation include:

  • The top question from the board - Is data really an asset?
  • The key points data leaders need to tick off on their journey towards getting data recognised as an invaluable part of the business.
  • Tips and ideas to gain influence over the board and organisation when it comes to promoting data and analytics.
  • Managing negative associations with data and analytics and shifting mindsets
  • Best practices or strategies that you think would strengthen the influence of CDAOs and data teams.

Governance and the impact on business performance

We have an exciting interview with Nicholas Moss from Queensland Police Service and myself. Nicholas shares his take on data governance and the exciting changes we can look forward to as data and analytics advances in 2023. Make sure you dive into 2023 with new strategies and a refreshed outlook with our Chief Data Analytics Officer (CDAO) Brisbane!


Why Travel Analytics Need a Rethink

Corinium APAC Content Director Vanessa Jalleh sits down with Travel + Leisure Co’s Director for Financial Planning and Analysis and Analytics, Lucas Ramos, to talk about a post-COVID hospitality sector.

The travel sector has experienced massive change over the past three years, from peaking in 2019, to being nearly non-existent mid-2020 and, finally, bouncing back in 2022. Travel has undergone something of a renaissance, and with that change comes a need for data and analytics to provide the ever-important business insights into what is next.

Ahead of his appearance at CDAO Brisbane 2023, Lucas Ramos, who is the Director for Financial Planning and Analysis and Analytics at Travel + Leisure Co, says he will be discussing why data and analytics can initially fail to take off and how the right metrics can take the project in the desired direction.

Read the article to discover the value of engagement, understanding the interplay between psychology and visualisations, and dealing with complexity.

Read the article here





Southeast Asia Shows Promise in Healthcare and Patient Analytics

Nelson Tiongson is a health informatics professional with more than 10 years of experience specialising in health information systems, electronic medical records, project management, analytics, customer engagement and research and quality improvement.

Tiongson, currently the Head of Health Informatics and Technology for The Medical City in the Philippines, has spent more than 10 years providing advice on healthcare-related IT strategies and acquisitions, training and information utilisation and has a strong focus on empowering users to maximise technology, data, and processes to improve health.

Read the article here

AI and ML to transform human services in Australia

The potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning across all businesses is unlimited, and it’s potential value to human services is no exception. Integrating AI and ML, like all new data and analytics features, into business strategy is both critical and challenging.

Ahead of CDAO Brisbane, happening on 7th & 8th March at the Hilton Brisbane, Corinium’s Alexandra Cragg had the opportunity to sit down with Martin Knell who holds the post of Head of Data & Analytics at Goodstart Early Learning.

In his interview, Martin shares his thoughts on shares insights on the opportunities of AI and machine learning for human services and the unique takeaways he has learnt on the road to AI.

What COVID-19 taught us about AI governance models

We caught up with Kevin Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Precision Driven Health, New Zealand, who is a key speaker at Data and Analytics in Healthcare, 27-28 March 2023 in Melbourne.  

We asked him what delegates will hear from his session including:

– Can you tell delegates about how we oversee models and algorithms used in healthcare?

– What are your observations from the national algorithm platform used in New Zealand?

– In terms of health data capability, can you please tell us the opportunities and challenges highlighted through COVID-19?


Check out the video interview here

Unlocking the Potential of Data Visualisation

We recently spoke with Bree Dorant, Data Visualisation Lead at Rio Tinto to explore the power of combining creative and data skills to build visualisation and how engagement with teams throughout the process can result in real value from data. 

Rio Tinto’s Bree Dorant had an unusual route into the data space, having studied art before moving into economics. The Data Visualisation Lead believes the blend of skills between art and data is vital to deliver visualisations that engage and deliver insights.

“When someone has that blend of skills, it always seems to work out best. You want to be into coding, but if you also have that design flair, or an interest in art, the ability to bring these two together is really helpful” she says.

Read the article to discover the value of engagement, understanding the interplay between psychology and visualisations, and dealing with complexity.

Read the article here

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Full Scale Transformation Beyond the Data Team

Helen Louwrens, Director of Data & Insight, Care Quality Commission joins the Business of Data Podcast to discuss how to effectively lead digital transformation initiatives and drive data-driven thinking

In this episode of the Business of Data podcast, Helen Louwrens, Director of Data & Insight for the Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator for health and social care services in the UK, reveals takeaways from going through an organization transformation, as well as managing functional change management against the background of the global pandemic.

Covered in the discussion:

  • Effective ways to capture different data across the organization
  • Moving towards consistent use of real-time data
  • Ensuring data is as clean as possible to enable new processes

Listen to the podcast here

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P&N Group’s Jess Kuan Discusses Prioritising Data Management when Building a Data Strategy

Jess Kuan, was one of the panellists at CDAO Perth on the data governance discussion to explore why data governance is so key to building a data strategy and how getting the fundamentals right can build an engaged and data-literate company.

P&N Group’s Senior Manager of Data and Analytics, Jess Kuan, manages a team of data analysts and data scientists focused on turning business data into insights and recommendations. Over the last few years her role has transformed as the group’s data transition and transformation has evolved. 

Read the article to find out Kuan's strategy for building solid foundations, the importance of data governance and data management, and her insights on backwards to forward-looking.

Read the article here

State of Data And Analytics Australia and New Zealand, 2022

Are data and analytics teams in Australia and New Zealand about to turn a corner?

Data and Analytics continues to have a significant impact on the decision-making processes of enterprises globally, brought about through big digitisation projects and a recognition of the power analytics and insights can have to improve all facets of an organisation.

This survey of 150 Australian & New Zealand data and analytics executives seeks to benchmark the industry’s progress and gauge to what extent data and analytics is driving business in the Australia and New Zealand region.

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1029 CDAO Informatica Healthcare report (600 x 250 px)


Perspectives from Healthcare-focused data and analytics leaders in Asia Pacific

While certain aspects of data collection and reporting have existed in various forms in healthcare for decades, there is renewed focus on innovation and increasing the role of data in making decisions across the sector. 

Featuring insights from six health-focused data and analytics leaders across Asia Pacific, this report explores the importance of data in healthcare, how it is put to work today, as well as some exciting applications and projects coming together in the region.

Download your copy today to find out more!

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Data and Analytics Trends in Financial Services, APAC 2022

How financial services data and analytics leaders in Asia Pacific are working to deliver digital customer experiences

Data and analytics leaders in the financial services sector are helping to transform the industry to be more digital-first and data-driven.

Deploying data architecture, implementing data-centric practices, improving customer interactions and ensuring appropriate data governance frameworks are among the few key areas financial services data leaders are focused on in improving their organisations’ ability to keep up with customer demand and remain relevant in 2022.

Download your copy of the full report today to find out more!

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