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Join us at CDAO Indonesia 2024 to share insights on the industry’s most critical challenges and real-world opportunities around data and analytics.

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CDAO Indonesia 2024 is designed for CDAOs, CDOs, CAOs, CTOs, CIOs, Directors, Heads, and Managers of AI, Analytics, ML, Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Architecture, and Business Intelligence/Insights from across sectors in Malaysia.
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CDAO Functions

Expand your C-level network at our breakfast, lunch, and reception


Bring discussions to life and have common problems solved in our no holds barred discussion groups

Cheers with Peers

Relax, continue the conversation during an informal and fun cheers with peers

Tech Demo Exhibition

Be inspired by those delivering change and serving the community through exciting new services

Fireside-Chat & Audience Interaction

Hear from seasoned professionals and discuss topics that most interest you!

Extraordinary Speakers

Discover how advances in AI & machine learning tools and techniques are transforming regulation and regtech from the world’s leading innovators across industry, academia and regulatory bodies. Speakers will share insights into recent technical breakthroughs and cutting-edge applications of AI in regtech including compliance, onboarding, market surveillance & fraud detection.

Key themes & takeaways

Solutions_ Brainstorm Data Governance and Security: Focuses on operationalizing data governance to ensure data security, privacy, and responsible AI use
Statistics_ Presentation Democratizing Data for Innovation: Highlights the importance of democratizing data within organizations and explores methods to prepare for easy access to data and unlock its true value
Solutions _Think Tank Trust in AI and Analytics: Covers strategies for educating users about AI limitations and its data usage to avoid misconceptions, and emphasizes the ethical implementation of AI to ensure trust and credibility

Data Monetization and Revenue Generation: Explores strategies for harnessing data insights to create new products, services, and process improvements, unlocking the full potential of data for revenue generation

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CDAO Indonesia provides you with the ideal platform to showcase your solutions in front of key decision-makers.

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Eleen Meleng

Conference Director

Eleen Meleng

Conference Director

Our events are all carefully created from scratch. The whole process from research to post-production is crafted by our team, so we are always available to assist with any queries! We look forward to meeting you at the event!

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